Smooth-On Products

Have you checked out the NEW Smooth-on website:  It's even easier to use and packed with how-to photo sequences and a wide range of video presentations.  It is a mold-making and casting university of knowledge and methodology for many differing disciplines.  Only hands-on experience can add to what can be found on the Smooth-On website.

Did you know that Smooth-On has some new products?

XTC-3D will smooth out your 3D pla prints.  Here is a YouTube video showing an in-depth look:

AquaCon is a water based concrete release agent that aids in releasing concrete castings from Smooth-On rubber molds and other surfaces such as melamine, metal and non-porous (sealed) wood. Here is a YouTube video about AquaCon:

Econ 60 is a low cost  Shore 60A urethane rubber (low cost compared to ReoFlex, VytaFlex and PMC-746).  It is good for making limited run rubber molds, flexible rubber prototype parts or rubber props.

Ultimate Blood base is as close to the color and viscosity of real blood as you will find anywhere.  Check out this video about the Ultimate Blood Kit:

We stock theSmooth-On line of products and some of the products we have in stock include:

- Translucent series of tin cure (Mold Max) silicones

- Free Form Epoxy putties

- Self-skinning flexible foams

- A wide range of physical properties to be found in urethane and epoxy casting resins.

- PoYo Putty mix in hand silicone

- Slacker tactile mutator to create gel-filled appliances and skin special effects.

- Psycho Paint: painting platinum silicone rubbers and appliances for stunning special effects

- Food safe Smooth-Sil 940, Equinox, Sorta Clear

- EcoFlex Series Supersoft Silicones

- EZ-Spray Junior System to easily spray rubber, plastic and foam

- Body Double - Apply to Skin silicone rubber that adds new dimension to life-casting and body molding

- Alja-Safe - World's first silica-free alginate for body molding

- Lifecasting starter kits

- Pigment systems for urethanes, epoxies and silicones

- Silicone Foam - platinum based SomaFoama

- Brushable tin cure silicone

- Easy-to-use 1:1 mix silicones, like Oomoo and Mold Star

- VytaFlex urethane rubbers - formulated for concrete